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ANDAR – Coming Soon!

Do you remember that remarkable feeling of being swept away into a world of magic and wonder? There is an insatiable desire in the hearts of readers who long for a return to those glorious days of adventure, love, and journeys steeped in long lost lore. We want to run with Anne Shirley through the White Way of Delight, gaze into Atreyu’s deep brown eyes, and rule the Enchanted Forest alongside Cimorene.

There are so many worlds left to explore, and even more yet to be created. Embolden yourself to shake off reality, and embrace the mystical elements within. Seek, and you shall find a doorway to a new realm, where magic is alive and well; where the essence of Anne and the spirit of Cimorene, the love of Atreyu and the passion of one who delights in it all, culminates to create… ANDAR.

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