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Saving the Planet

Sephora and Serenity are perpetually bathed in each other’s shadow. Serenity’s silver beams equivalate Sephora’s fiery rays, but neither outshines her sibling. They watch over mankind, as a shepherd guards his flock. Slowly, the people began forgetting to pay homage to those celestial deities. In the twilight hours, the two carry on an ethereal conversation:

“Sephora, you’re too hot-headed,” complained Serenity, “Give humans a break! They’re easily one of the weakest creatures on the planet, yet they’re intelligent enough to understand at least a few simple concepts.”

“Oh, really?” Sephora retorted, her voice dripping with sarcasm, “Pray, tell, which concepts are those?”

Serenity stuttered, “Well… um, they-”

“See? They’re worthless! Worse than worthless – they’re positively parasitic!”

“They aren’t all bad. Some are beginning to realize how important it is to care for their world. Surely, that’s to be commended?”

“Too little, too late, Sister,” came Sephora’s sardonic reply, “It’s time to eradicate the disease.”

Serenity saddened, “There must be something we can do?!”

“Sure! Watch this,” Sephora hummed, vibrating every cell of her gaseous form until rivulets of viscous lava began to erupt from her molten surface.

Serenity gasped, “Sephora! No – don’t!”

Too late. Like a pea in a microwave, she nuked the planet below. “There,” she said sweetly, “No more problem. The rest of the planet will recover nicely, I think.” Serenity’s silvery glow muted to a bleak, blue glimmer. Sephora sighed, “Well, what else do you want me to say? I’m sorry? … I’m not.”

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The story continues!

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6 thoughts on “Saving the Planet

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  2. What a fun and fanciful tale. A beautiful vision of saving the world. I love how you always pick character names that mean things to me too. Great job, Ashlie!

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