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#SwiftFicFriday prompt:

Isolation. Being alone has always been my biggest comfort. I am whomever I desire when the curtains close, not when they draw open. The world is not my stage. I personify ‘Phantom’, but not by much. Encased within my shell, I am reborn. As I emerge, the murky depths disperse, revealing the silty undermuck that is the lifeblood of this world. 

I sludge forward. Time has no meaning in this hollow existence, but, still, I am driven forever onward. The grainy tides ebb and flow, rising and falling as the breath of a sleeping dragon, hoarding his trinkets and gold. The waves of greed wash away any glimmer of light upon the horizon, and I am carried away by the tsunami. 

Aimlessly, I surge through the currents, pulled this way and that by the temptations of smoother, cooler, faster waters. Yet, I remain fastidiously attached to my path. This is my journey. One day, I will rise from the bottom of this deep, blue sea. For now, I’ll settle for surfing the waves.

Thanks to Kat Avila for this #SwiftFicFriday prompt!

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