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Good Riddance

You tried to ruin me, but I was one step ahead.

You shattered my dignity, but I never bled.

Never will I cry for you.

Never will I care.

Because all along, I was strong,

While you were never there.

Years will pass, and I’ll lie awake in bed.

Staring at the looking glass, thoughts of you in my head.

Still, I have not shed a tear.

Still, I’ve no regrets.

Because you’re still gone, but you were wrong,

I’ve nothing to confess.

Secrets and lies were never my game, that’s why I always lost.

And losing is a crying shame, when your heart is the cost.

Judge me all you want, I say.

Judge me as you please.

A love that sour, in its finest hour,

Is nothing short of a disease.

Written for Go Dog Go’s Tuesday, August 11th, 2020 Writing Prompt: ‘You tried to ruin me, but I…

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