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Spoiled for Choice

Looking for a little light reading? Here are a few 3-5 minute reads to enjoy in your spare time… Remember, I love, love, LOVE reading your comments, so be sure to let me know what you think!!! #HappyReading!!!

Undermuck ~ A metaphorical, introspective view of societal concepts through the eyes of a solitary soul.

Charles Ashton Thomas III Gets Revenge ~ A tricksy little piece, involving some cleverness and a cat-astrophe…

Parker & Avery ~ A romantic satire, rich in ‘boinkability.’

The Madman of Gnoc Ker’dun ~ He’s got a score to settle… in the most unsettling way.

The KISS Killer ~ Enter the mind of a murderous psychopath.

Grandma’s Crown ~ Just who, exactly, *is Grandma???

Martinmas Eve ~ The green children of Woolpit, reimagined…


Incessant Sands ~

The Final Hour ~

Good Riddance ~

The Heart’s Mind ~

The Flow ~

Winter’s Night ~

Gaia Provides ~

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