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Great-grandma Scott

A tricolor woman,

Lost to time,

Covers her tracks,

When being dark is a crime.

The records show

She and her kin

Had white, then mixed, 

Then very brown skin.

Who was this woman?

From where did she come?

On that, my friend,

The word is mum.

Malinda Scott was her name,

But relationships are muddled.

Is one a child, or a brother?

Racism’s not so subtle

When I can trace

My white lineage

To the nine-hundreds,

But there’s no place

To seek a recent ancestor

Of another race,

We have to face

The facts –

We failed our people,

Because they were black.

There is no history

As expansive

As the white euro ‘settling’

Of lands to ‘enhance’ them.

I can’t change the past,

But I can be kind,

And I can try to delete

Subtle racism from my mind.

Yes, I’m a white girl now,

But my genes are not blind.

Written for the RagTag Daily Prompt – ‘Tricolor

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