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Sneaking Out

It’s three o’clock in the morning, and I can see the full moon shining bright just outside my window. I can’t wait to feel the cool night air on my skin. Quietly, I pull the covers down. I’m still in my school clothes, so all I have to do is put on my sneakers, grab my backpack, and I’m out the door. Looking out the window again, my boyfriend, Kyle, waves for me to hurry.

My window was nailed shut months ago, so now I have to sneak past my mom’s bedroom, quietly open the door to the basement, tip-toe down the squeaky steps, and heave open the heavy, two-foot-thick wooden door to get outside. The front door isn’t an option. My mom installed an alarm last week, and I haven’t been able to deactivate it.

I finally manage to make it out to the backyard, where Kyle meets me with a grin. “Come on, Sarah. My house isn’t too far of a walk.”

I take his hand and we scurry off into the night. There’s hardly any cars on the roads, and the walk is longer than Kyle let on. I eventually talk him into carrying me on his back. He hoists me up, and we race down the empty streets, our breath coming in giant puffs in the frigid air. Gasping, he lowers me back down, and we fall together, laughing. 

A loud creak, and then a bang, comes from behind, followed by an angry voice shouting, “Get off my lawn, you delinquent brats!”

Shrieking and still laughing, we jump up and run the rest of the way to Kyle’s house.

Written for the Word of the Day Challenge – ‘Delinquent

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