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The Premiere

The long, sleek black limousine slowly rolls up. A man in a dark tuxedo rushes to open the door, and a woman steps out, gently placing one high-heeled shoe and then the other on the red, velvet carpet laid out for her. Her green, satin gown is modest, yet form-fitting, and her wavy brown hair is piled high into an elegant up-do. 

“Tonight, she celebrates! She is Alandria Beckley, the most famous author in the world!” The reporter drones on in the background as Alandria sweeps by, “As an international best-seller, she has written over thirty novels, selling an incredible 12 billion copies total, worldwide! Miss Beckley is honored tonight, at the premiere of ‘Encante’*. Her cherished tale, with all our favorite Encantado characters, is a far cry from the mermaid stories we grew up with. Now, her classic and widely-beloved novel has been turned into a major motion picture!” 

Alandria had to refrain from rolling her eyes. She knew there were too many cameras and reporters present; someone would, more than likely, snap a photo at just the right – or wrong – time. With a bright smile plastered on her face, she quickly spins this way and that, posing for the various magazines and news outlets covering the premiere. A thousand flashes go off, accompanied by the sounds of a thousand camera shutters and a thousand cameramen shouting to get her attention. Through it all, she smiled.

Finally, she headed into the El Capitan movie theater. Just inside, she found her family and closest friends waiting for her. They were all dressed in their finest clothes, flushed and excited expressions donning their familiar faces. Now, she smiled for real.

“You guys ready?” she asked.

Her husband put an arm around her waist, “We all are… are you?”

“I think so. I’ve been waiting for this day for such a long time. I really couldn’t have done it without you – all of you.” She looked from her husband, to her best friend, to her writing partner who’d been flown out for the event, and to all the rest of her family and friends who were there to support her for so many years.

“We always knew you could do it!” came an enthusiastic shout from her youngest daughter.

“Yeah, come on, Mom. You worked for this for as long as I can remember,” her oldest chimed in, “Let’s get in there, already! What are you waiting for?!”

Alandria laughed, “You’re right! Let’s go!”

The group piled into the darkened auditorium, took their seats, and waited for the show to begin. Two hours later, they walked out, all chatting animatedly about the film. It had been a success from start to finish. 

“That was awesome, Mom!” 

“Yeah, what are you gonna do next?”

“Hmmm,” Alandria winked, “I think Justine* would enjoy being a movie star…”

Written for the Fandango One Word Challenge – ‘Finish and inspired by my books, *Encante and **Andar.

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