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Inside A Kangaroo Pouch

Did you know… kangaroos have nipples INSIDE their pouches!

While many people think of Kangaroos as the cute little Aussie jumpers (who quickly grow into intimidating Aussie kickers!), most don’t typically take the time to consider what makes the creatures so special. Aside from the way they adorably carry around their babies (called a “joey”), their hopping and antics have been enjoyed the world over. But, did you know those cozy joey-holders hide more than just that little bundle of joy? It’s true! The inside of a kangaroos’ pouch is a den of mysteries containing little-to-no hair, soft, warm skin and… you guessed it… nipples!

Ok, ok, so it’s not really that mysterious when you think about it. Joeys spend up to 10 months inside their mothers’ wombs. They’re born blind and can be as small as a grain of rice! These mini marsupials then drag themselves to their mother’s teet, where he will stay for the next few weeks. Once the baby ‘roo is strong enough, he’ll venture out on his own for a bit of fun and folly. Eventually, though, he’ll get thirsty or tire and right back to Mamma’s sack he goes!

As their primary caretaker, Mom even makes sure to keep little joey’s coat clean and shiny- even if she’s nursing more than one baby! Yes, kangaroo mothers have the amazing ability to disperse nutritionally-diverse milk from each separate nipple, thereby giving these lovely creatures the ability to continuously procreate… Imagine! Giving birth multiple times in a row! I think this is one aspect of being a marsupial we mammals are quite happy to pass up.

Whether they’re busy hopping around joyfully or straight-up drop-kicking fools to the ground, our favorite marsupials still seem to hold a few secrets up their… pouches? Care to take a guess at what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ of a joey’s life (yes, that’s what a baby kangaroo is called)? Here’s a hint… it’s not as pretty as one might hope. Between concurring births and incredibly demanding obligations, here’s why these moms are some of the best in the animal kingdom!

Check out these… interesting photos:

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