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Abducted – pt 5 – Rachel’s Revenge

Continued from Abducted – pt 4. Read it here!

***Trigger Warning!***

Paula. I couldn’t believe my eyes. This must be the Paula Rick insisted on ‘naming’ me after. I quickly flipped through the pages and began to read snippets. It seemed like a sort of secret diary.

I always knew Rick was kinky. When we first got married, I thought it was exciting. So many things I never tried before – never even knew about. He opened my eyes so much to the world around me. But, now… he promised, when we started this whole ‘sex slave’ fantasy of his, if I said the code word, we’d call it quits, immediately. I shouldn’t have fallen for it. I was always too curious for my own damn good. Part of me wanted to please Rick, part of me wanted to see how long I could last, living a life like this. What a sick challenge. We’ve only been doing this for four days, but I had enough last night. I said the code word after dinner. I knew he’d be disappointed, but I hoped, with a full stomach, he’d take it a little better. Boy, was I wrong.

I stopped reading. So, Paula had been his wife… and also his first victim? ‘I wonder what happened to her,’ I thought, staring at the carpet stains. I flipped to another page and continued reading.

He brought another girl home. She’s really sweet. A little shy, but, really, who can blame her? I tried to explain to her how to please Rick, but she was terrified. I worry she might fight back. When Leslie tried that, it didn’t end so well for her. I’ve grown so tired of watching Rick bury my friends. Hopefully, the new girl will learn quickly. She seems really nice, and I’ve been so lonely.

So, Rick was bringing girls in while he held his own wife captive? I shivered again. My chances of getting away were looking worse by the second. I turned toward the end of the book and read on.

Hannah. Rebecca. Jessica. Kelly. Stephanie. Leslie. Another Jessica.  Caroline. Faith. Rosie. And Denise. For them, I take responsibility. I encouraged Rick’s behavior when we were first married. Their deaths are on my hands. I cannot live with this guilt any longer… Goodbye.

That was the last entry. Eleven victims – twelve, if you include Paula. Thirteen, if you include me. I was desperate not to be included in that count. At the sound of crunching gravel, I flew into a panic and began flinging everything, including the small notebook, back into the boxes. Before closing the lid, I noticed a thin, metal nail file poking out from some of the clothing. Snatching it up, I quickly kicked and shoved the boxes back into the closet and pushed the door closed.

Rick walked in just as I was sitting back on the couch. Stuffing the nail file under the cushion, I tried to adopt a nonchalant pose. If he suspected anything, he didn’t show it.

“Right,” he said, matter-of-factly, “time for lunch.”

He strode into the kitchen, where the familiar rustlings told me he was preparing a meal. When he returned, he held a plate with a ham and cheese sandwich on it and another glass of milk. 

“Eat up!” he said, almost cheerfully.

Taking the plate, I managed a few bites and a swallow of milk before he began to make his advances. I knew it was coming – saw the glazed look come over his eyes as he watched me eat. Without a word, he took the half-eaten sandwich from my hands, sat it on the plate, and pushed me back until I was lying on the couch, facing him. He looked down at me, smiling creepily. 

“I wasn’t able to get you any makeup yet, but this will do for now.” He lifted my hands above my head, shoved the t-shirt up over my chest, exposing my breasts. He took a moment to savor the scene before fumbling with his belt. This was my chance. As if impulsively scratching an itch, I lowered my hands to my leg. The false move didn’t seem to alarm him, as he continued to unfasten his pants.

With a rush of adrenaline, I snatched the nail file from under the cushion, reached up and shoved it into Rick’s neck as hard and deep as I could manage. Blood quickly began to spurt out of the wound, and the shocked look on Rick’s face was priceless, but I didn’t have time to gloat. While he was busy clasping his throat to stop the bleeding, I shoved my hands into his pockets, frantically searching for the keys to the cuffs.

I found them in his back pocket and extracted them, clutching them for dear life in my shaking hands. Rick fell onto the couch, gasping for air. The nail file still stuck out of his neck, only the small handle visible. He was too busy trying to stop the bleeding to stop me. I backed away from the couch as far as the chains would allow. Fumbling with the keys, I tried three different ones before finding the one that fit the cuffs. 

The lock clicked; the cuffs fell to the ground. I was free. Rick, badly injured though he was, still presented a threat. Now free from my bonds, I ran to the kitchen and spotted exactly what I needed. A block of steak knives sat on the counter near the stove – every knife in place. I chose the largest one and headed back into the living room. Rick was up and stumbling toward me now.

“You – miserable – witch!” he sputtered, spitting blood out of his mouth. “You’ll pay – for this!”

“No,” I replied, my voice strangely calm, “You will pay. For Paula – and for all the other women you’ve raped and murdered over the years.”

Shouting – either in pain or anger, I couldn’t tell – Rick lunged at me. I was ready for him. I grabbed his shoulder and pulled him forward, plunging the knife straight into his gut and twisting it for all I was worth. His screams of agony were like music to my ears. I twisted again. It was what he deserved. With a final rush of energy, I withdrew the knife, causing a fresh round of anguished cries, and plunged into him again – this time in his most prized possession – the family jewels.

He staggered backward, the knife sticking out from between his legs in near-comical irony. The bright red blood seeping from his multiple wounds quickly began to cover the stained carpet. Turning from the scene, I rushed to the front door, threw it open, and ran out as fast as I could. With Rick’s keys in hand, I had his SUV started in seconds, spun it around, put it in drive, and floored it. The last vision I had was of the house, disappearing in the rearview mirror.

The police were more than happy to help me when I walked into their small-town station, still wearing Rick’s gray t-shirt and covered in blood. It took days, but I finally explained the whole story and told them where they could find Rick’s body – along with Paula’s and the other eleven victims whose lives he’d claimed over the years. I still have nightmares about the whole ordeal, but at least Rick is finally gone and never able to enact his terrible deeds on another human being ever again.

Thank you to everyone who reads my words! While this was a very dark little series, I hope it was an entertaining read. Remember, if you like what you’re reading, be sure to let me know in the comments, and feel free to share anything that strikes your fancy! 


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    1. Thanks so much, Jim! I’m really glad you liked it. It was so challenging to write, I’m happy it’s going over so well. Thank you for coming by!!

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