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The Scars on Your Heart

Temperaments are a fickle thing.

Over time, they inevitably change.

I used to be a wild child,

Overly-emotional and easily riled.

As I’ve aged, I’ve come to see

My emotions are the best part of me.

I’ve allowed myself to continue to feel

While others closed off when it got too real.

I used all the hurt and pain from my past,

Turned it to love and never looked back.

It wasn’t always such an easy task.

I was lost and bitter, and the odds were stacked.

Sometimes I felt no one had my back.

But, I wouldn’t give in.

I refused to allow the hate to grow,

Because once it begins,

There’s no place to go.

You’re stuck within

Your thin


Shattered and broken.

Forgiveness isn’t weak.

Not for the meek.

It takes more strength

To heal

Than to peel,

And pick at the scars

On your heart.

Written for Fandango’s Dog Day’s of August #FDDA #20 -‘Your Temperament

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