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The Watchers

All across Earth, select people are being watched. The ‘Watchers’ are advanced spiritual beings, their only purpose, to cultivate enlightened souls. Each Watcher is assigned to an Earthling who has shown promising skills or intellect during various ethical situations. Once accepted as a promising recruit, these Earthlings are referred to as ‘Sparks’, they being the first flicker in the Flame of Hope. 

The first Earthling to achieve this title was called Haida. She was from Earth’s earliest years, before the advent of technology. Haida’s people relied on the Earth for their survival. As such, these ‘primitive’ humans were innately more connected to the inner-workings of the universe than any other humanoid species to follow. Even the ethereal, mermaid-like Encantados barely scratched the surface of what Haida’s people understood in their very core. There have been many Sparks over the centuries, not all of them fully human. 

Some were ‘Purgats’, souls eternally bound to Purgatory, inhabiting a human form. Still others were simply differently-evolved humans, like Cella, the Spark Encantado from Encante. Cella’s family have been Sparks for millennia, her ancestors being the now-Goddess Rhoda and the infamous Greek sailor, Pytheos. Rhoda was Queen of the Amphitrite Sea during a lengthy period of unrest. Her love for Pytheos, despite his being human, and her ability to be open, loving, and honest led the Watchers to her. Rhoda’s ability to love was so vast, she was immediately recruited for the Flame. She agreed to transcend, if only all her descendants may be given the chance to follow in her footsteps. Thus, Cella came from a long line of enlightened beings and was the highest evolved Encantado since Queen Rhoda, herself.

In every corner of time and space, Sparks flicker to life. As the human population on Earth grew, the Watcher’s job became more and more difficult. There were many unremarkable people who were unknowingly acting on a Watcher’s agenda. These Sparks may not transcend within their lifetime, but their recruit statuses would lead them to a more enlightened existence in their next incarnation. They, at least, have a chance. The Purgats, on the other hand, were destined to reincarnate, time and again, as completely complacent beings. They didn’t have the ability to tip the scales in either direction. They were not good, but they weren’t evil, either. They contributed nothing, and they gained nothing from their existence. This was their punishment, and their reward, for they had not been doomed to the worst fate of all.

The Sunken were not a pleasant lot. It was they who caused most of the chaos the Watchers were determined to clean up, or, hopefully, prevent. Though there was usually no telling when and where the Sunken would strike, they typically fed off the fears and insecurities of people and places already rife with civil unrest. Throughout the years, the Sunken souls wreaked havoc on the Earthlings. 

Both the Watchers and the Sunken have the ability to inhabit a human form. Though doing so is rare, when it happens, their souls reside alongside their human hosts in harmony. These relationships, referred to by the Watchers as ‘Radiants’, use the host’s natural electromagnetic waves to communicate to other Watchers and, more indirectly, to their host. The higher the host’s enlightened state, the easier the communication becomes. The Sunken choose hosts who are already tuned into the desire to spread hate, thus their actions are easier to manipulate, even if their communication is lacking. Watcher’s hosts are chosen through the Spark initiative, which prepares the humans for their impending invocation. 

Great people throughout history have been hosts for Watchers, and the terrible acts reknowned for their hateful rhetoric have been carried out by the Sunken. The Universe is a never-ending battle of good versus evil, and Earth is the strongest breeding ground for both sides. Humans provide an invaluable resource, not only in hosting the more advanced beings when necessary, but also in developing weaker souls into stronger, more enlightened ones… or in degenerating them into chaos and evil, soon to become Sunken, themselves, unless they use their next incarnations for redemption. The success rate of a soul’s redemption is very low, but some do achieve their second chance. In those cases, both the Watchers and the Sunken are keenly interested in the soul’s journey, for it is well known to both sides, the Secret of Hope – it only takes one soul to ignite the Flame.

Open Markle placed her violin in its carrying case with expert grace and ease. It was evident she’d performed this action many times before and did so now whilst her thoughts wandered. Her last performance had been a success, though she’d ran out before they could call her back for an encore. Still, she harbored a deep anxiety around people. The only person who seemed to calm the storm which raged inside of her at those times was her best friend, Liam Dilgar. 

He approached her now; she smelled his sharp, woodsy cologne and was instantly at ease. When he spoke, Liam’s soft voice, so sure and confident, echoed her own sentiments, “I’m tired.” He smiled a dimpled grin, sitting down on the couch and casually draping an arm along the top edge. “Your show was wonderful, but those burgers after really hit the spot. I think a nap is in order.” 

Open returned his smile. They’d been roommates for nearly three years, and she’d become accustomed to his mid-afternoon nap sessions. His relaxed, carefree attitude had been an adjustment for her at first, she being type A, strictly organized, and sensory sensitive. Open was on the spectrum, though she refused to allow it to define her life. Her mind worked in unique ways, which didn’t always prompt her actions to align with the expectations of others. As such, she’d become quite the recluse, emerging from her isolated home only to perform for special ceremonies, like the Trail of Tears charity function earlier today. She despised being among the ‘sheeple’, but she knew it was their donations which truly helped the indigenous peoples in need. And, for some reason, they seemed to open their pocketbooks a lot wider when she played them into a melodic oasis.

Her next gig was for the Orphan Train charity. This was a foundation very near and dear to her. Liam’s lighthearted ways were the product of being raised by his grandmother, who, in turn, had been a bleeding-heart hippie, fighting to end the war in Vietnam and, decades later, in Iraq. Her loving, open-minded attitude and take-no-prisoners mindset were passed onto her grandson. But, Liam had no war to fight against. His passions were in the creative arts – writing, drawing, even cooking. His skills were many and well-cultivated, but he’d never found his niche. That is, until he met Open.

She’d placed an advertisement for a roommate, specifying that they must have cooking skills of their own, as she would not be providing meals. He’d chuckled at that bit, but thought it might provide him the perfect opportunity to brush up on his culinary skills. The rent was manageable with his touch-and-go freelance writing gigs, so he’d called her up and, within a week, they were living together. Open was astonished at how easily they fell into step with one another. It was as if she’d known him her entire life. For the first time, she wondered about things such as reincarnation and eternal spiritual connections. She’d read about such things online, but had always laughed them off. But with Liam, it was different. There was no natural explanation for why her usually apathetic mind was so at ease with him. Some part of her thought perhaps he’d been sent to her by some higher power.

Whatever the case was, Open was grateful to have Liam in her life. Over the past three years, they’d been through a lot together. Liam had helped her to acknowledge and work on some of her most difficult issues, including overcoming her crippling social anxiety. She, in return, had helped Liam to confront a demon of his own – his roots. His grandmother had been an amazing woman and had raised him with all the love and care any child could hope for. But… there was always an emptiness in his heart, where the mystery of his parentage resided. Open was no stranger to the feeling of rootlessness. She empathized with the loss and pain he felt every day and had longed to find a way to ease his suffering.

She’d always been a fairly adept researcher, and when the subject matter was as important as this, nothing would get in her way in her quest for information. This is how she’d discovered Liam’s connection to the Orphan Train. Her intense investigations led them down many paths, following his grandmother’s footsteps over the years. It had been quite the adventure, and the only reason they were finally able to scrounge up the truth was due to Open’s relentless, filter-less approach. Her refreshing, albeit startling, way of asking the hard questions was the only reason Liam found out who he really was. Not the grandson of a tough-loving hippie, but the son of an orphan. Liam’s grandmother had been one of the original Orphan Train Riders. According to Liam’s new-found aunt, his mother had never wanted children, as she’d been abandoned in her own childhood. When she found herself pregnant in her later years, she still had no desire to be a mother, yet she could not bring herself to leave her child and repeat history. So, she’d raised him as her grandson, maintaining a neutral distance, yet loving him in her own way, all the same.

It took him months to come to terms with his new reality, but Liam was in a much better place now than he’d ever been before. And, he owed it all to Open. Their bond had grown fast and strong, and it was about to be tested.

The idea behind this piece was to include a handful of short-story characters, some of my novella characters, and few new friends and create a single, seamless universe. It will be a big challenge.

If you, Dear Reader, have any thoughts or suggestions, feel free to leave them in a comment below! I’d love to know which of my characters have been enjoyed the most; it will be a huge help when deciding which of them will fit nicely into my plans to continue The Watchers.

As always, #HappyReading!

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