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Daddy was a Whisper

This is my 100th post. To commemorate the moment, I thought it fitting to honor my father, Randy. I love you, Daddy. RIP.

Daddy was a chameleon.

A unique character,

One in a million,

They tell me.

Daddy was a ramblin’ man

Without a plan,

His sobriety, scant.

They tell me.

Daddy was a whisper,

Sad smiles and tight hugs.

But Daddy’s who I wished for

When the world was too much.

Then Daddy’s shadow faded

Into a box far below.

Now a life bereft, I’m fated,

Because there’s no way to know

Who we might have been together,

What storms we might have had to weather.

But, I was his favorite treasure,

They tell me.

Me and my Daddy.

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