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Night Winds

On a night wind

A message flies

‘Neath the black and starry skies

While wistful spirits come alive

And imaginations thrive

Upon Nature’s own prize.

On that darkest night

In the corners of the mind

Are whispers of another time

A soul’s past flight

Fractally sublime.

Steeped in the darkness

Melded to the shadows

Reveling in the madness

Of the night’s flowery prose

Whilst a silvery lark is

Gliding on the breeze as the chaotic winds blow.

This is when I roam.

This is where I feel at home.

Written for the RagTag Daily Prompt #RDP – ‘Prize

I’m definitely a night-owl. With four kids, it’s difficult to find time to write (or, you know, sit down?!). So, when the kids are finally asleep, and I find myself in that magical time between ‘Mom’ and ‘Me’, the alien silence leads me down some inspiring paths. Having those few hours to myself is my saving grace. Without my re-enforced insomnia, I would accomplish close to nothing with my writing – and that just won’t do!

Are you a night-owl or a morning person? Is it possible to be both?

4 thoughts on “Night Winds

    1. Thanks, Jim. I was trying to encompass that magical feeling of being awake while the whole world is sleeping. Thanks for reading!!


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