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Skinny Mini

Skinny Mini took a bath and didn’t tell a soul,

Forgot to put the stopper in and went right down the hole!

Down, down, down she went, through the open drain,

When she got out, all wet and spent, she’d never be the same.

These events may shock, amaze, and potentially even stun

Those who have never gazed upon a stopper, left undone.

Skinny Mini learned her lesson in that fateful bathtime folly.

Next time she’ll stick the plug in, so it’s not so melancholy.

While the last six lines are original and written for Fandango’s One Word Challenge #FOWC – ‘Drain and the Three Things Challenge #TTC – ‘Amaze, Stun, Folly , the first two lines hold very special meaning for me. As a kid, I spent a lot of time with my half-brother’s family. My nickname with them, among others, was Skinny Mini. The first two lines of this poem are a little ditty my Aunt Carolyn used to say to me during bathtime when spending the night at her house. I’ll always remember those times fondly, though I think I may have outgrown the nickname. 😉

Did you have a childhood nickname?

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