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Secret Seeker

Born with the guile of a fox, Madison’s greatest joy was in uncovering people’s deepest, darkest secrets. She delighted in picking them apart; it wasn’t often she came across an individual who could perplex her. Yet, there had been one man who’d escaped her wily ways. Reginald Harper had been present at her grandparents’ annual Christmas day dinner. He’d quickly become the center of attention. Madison, having lingered near the door upon her arrival, eyed him with anticipation. She knew he had the deepest, darkest secret of them all. If only she could figure out what it was he was hiding

Today’s word prompts come from:
FOWC with Fandango — Guile
Your Daily Word Prompt— Present
Ragtag Daily Prompt— Joy
Word of the Day Challenge — Perplex
Pensitivity’s Three Things Challenge #452 – Christmas day, Centre, Door

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