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Christmastime Kid

A tingle creeps up my spine
I look at the clock
It’s seven-o-nine!
I wake up in shock…
It’s Christmastime!!!

I hurry out of bed
and rush to the tree
Presents – green, gold, and red
Are all waiting for me!

Tiptoeing past
My parents’ door,
I hold in a gasp
As I see even more!

The stockings are stuffed
To the brim with goodies!
There’s more than enough,
And Santa ate all the cookies!!

A delighted squeak
Escapes my mouth.
I can barely keep
From jumping about.

I run to wake my parents up.
They moan and grumble,
Looking rough.
To the kitchen they stumble,
And soon I smell
Coffee-scented ca-ra-mel.

Here they come!
Their mugs are steaming!
The coffee’s done!
I must be dreaming!

They’ve now sat down
On the couch.
In my nightgown,
I eagerly crouch.

Waiting is the hardest part
But now it’s over,
And time to start!

Merry Christmas, everyone!!

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