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Herra’s Hibernation

Cassiel wandered among the lush, green foliage in the Juniper Woods. ‘Frolicking‘ might be considered too merry a word to describe her gracious, gliding gait. As she whisped through the mystical forest, a sweet scent caught her attention. Only her daughter’s unique aroma could wrest her focus from the forest’s embrace. Cassiel followed the trail; she knew this timberland better than any other creature. She’d been its creator, raising each tree from seed to sapling to the giants looming before her now. Now, Cassiel’s daughter, Herra, was nearing the age of transformation, and would certainly liven things up.

The sage-scented breeze had a lemony undertone, leading Cassiel to an overgrown glade, saturated with herbs and citrus plants. There, amongst the ferns and leaves, lies her young daughter, cocooned in the fronds of the Earth. Cassiel knows, when the girl awakes, she will have had a complete overhaul of her psyche and its tangible connection to the world around her. In essence, she would finally share in the full powers of a Mother of Earth, as Cassiel had enjoyed for the past few hundred millennia.

Herra’s bright, green eyes fluttered open. Inhaling one long, deep breath, she slowly unfolded her lithe, lean frame. Rising from the leaves and bracken, Herra looked up to her mother with a gleeful smile. She lifted a hand, and thousands of small buds burst to full bloom in a myriad of colored petals. Birdsongs rang out from the treetops, and the woodland creatures flocked to meet their new caretaker. Cassiel and Herra strolled out of the glade, leaving a trail of blossoming flowers and rich, healthy-looking plants in their wake.

Today’s word prompts come from:
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Your Daily Word Prompt— Liven
Ragtag Daily Prompt— Wrest
Pensitivity’s Three Things Challenge #452 – Show, Lean, Knew

MindLoveMisery— Photo Challenge #348

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