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Parker & Avery

Avery is a good-looking dude, and he knows it. From his wavy, reddish-brown hair to his baby-blue eyes to his chiseled abs – there was no denying his boinkability. He wasn’t a vain or arrogant man, which is how you know he’s completely fictional. Still, he does the trick quite nicely.

Avery is a rancher – no, a hunter. Yes, he is a big, strapping hunter who knows how to provide on a long, dark night. Under a moonless sky, he crouches, hiding in the dense foliage… waiting. He holds his minty-fresh breath and… waits. Hunting takes patience, ya know? But, oh, is he patient! Avery’s calm and gentle demeanor, the way he oozes charisma and delivers feather-light touches makes for quite the successful… ahem, hunter.

It’s hot – where Avery is, I mean. He’s on a tropical island. What does he hunt on a tropical island, you may ask? ‘Who cares?,’ is my answer… wild boar? Sure, why not?

While Avery is hunting his wild boar and working up a glistening sweat which trickles down his rippling pecs, he hears a desperate cry for help. His bulging biceps flex as he quickly flips his long, mud-caked hair and listens more intently. He’s a very good listener. He pinpoints the direction from where he’d heard the scream and took off through the trees, his potential prey forgotten.

The brisk wind tosses his tresses as the screams become louder and louder. Skidding to a stop amidst the fallen leaves and twigs which formed the floor of this convenient tropical rainforest, Avery couldn’t believe his magnificent, powder-blue eyes. A glimpse of silken blonde hair cause his heart to skip a beat beneath his enticing torso. There, lying propped up against a tree trunk, sat his old… friend, Parker.

“Parker?! How in the blazes did you end up out here?” A shock of blue met bewildered sea-green orbs as their eyes locked.

“Avery?! I have no idea how I got here. What are you doing here?”

Biting his lush, full lips, Avery replied, “Come to think of it, I’m not sure myself. All I can remember is this island.”

“Well, how long have you been here?”

“Hard to tell. The days and nights kind of blur into one another. I suppose it’s been about a month… or a year?” Avery folded his totally buff arms across his still-heaving chest.

Parker’s jaw dropped, “A year?”

“I really couldn’t say. Like I said, I don’t even remember anything before I got here. Do you?”

Parker swallowed, “N… no. I don’t remember anything! Avery, what… what’s happening?”

“I wish I knew, Parker,” Avery held out a rough, calloused hand; Parker grasped it and rose from the ground.

“So… what now?” Breath held and eyes wide, Parker waited apprehensively for Avery’s response.

“Now, I guess I take you to my cave.” Avery grinned and winked, “I’m sure we’ll find something to occupy our time.”

Giving him a slight punch in his bulging arms, Parker replied coyly, “I’m not even surprised. You will never change, will you?”

His voice became husky and lustful, “Not when you’re around. Or have you forgotten how absolutely intoxicating I find you?”

“I didn’t realize you still felt that way. Of all the people to be in such an absurd situation with, it would end up being with a decade-old ex.”

“Decade-old ex, huh? I have a feeling you’ll be seeing things differently very soon. Come on, now. The cave’s not far, but we should get a move on if we want to make it there by nightfall.”

“After you,” Parker sighed inwardly. Confusion, hope, and a little fear filled the space between them. Where were they? How did they get here? And, what will happen when they get to the cave?

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Re-shared for Fandango’s Flashback Friday. Originally written Jan. 7th, 2020

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