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Mrs. MacKenzie

I’ll walk down the aisle on the Isle of Man
To marry the heir of the MacKenzie Clan
Despite those harboring a jealous air,
Who constantly meddle in others’ affairs,
He’s come for me,
My merry man of mettle.
Across the Irish Sea,
In his kilt of gilded metal.
Acts of heroic chivalry
Like the ax upon his back,
Slices through their bigotry,
With a single whack.
I may be complacent
But how could I not?
With a complaisant partner,
And one so hot?!

I’ve been wanting to write with homophones for awhile, so I was excited to see one of today’s prompts called for their usage. I began writing this, not realizing the homophone prompt provided by MindLoveMiserysMenagerie listed specific words to use. After a friend pointed it out halfway through writing, I decided to incorporate those words, rather than start a new piece. The end result is a poem which begins with a fantasy vibe and ends fairly comedic. It is what it is, and it was very fun to write! Thanks for reading!!

Prompt words – acts, ax; complacent, complaisant

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