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Sir Gawain Llwellyn changed out of his rusty, old armor and dashed into the parlor. There, he found his family seated and waiting. Tired and run down, he wiped the sweat from his brow with a shaking hand.

“H-hello, all,” Gawain’s screechy, shrill voice began to quiver, “What brings thee to Camelittle?”

“Gawain, darling, take a seat,” Nymiane Llwellyn, Sir Gawain’s mother, commanded rather insistently.

Sir Gawain did as he was told. He had a sneaking suspicion he knew what was coming Sure enough, there was no tenderness lost as his family and closest friends launched their intervention.

Sir Gawain’s cousin, Leopold spoke up first, “Really, Gawain, ’twas a little humourous at first, I shall admit, but now… ’tis getting ridiculous.”

“I agree, brother,” Leopold’s sister wiped a tear from her rosy pink cheek, “Dear Gawain, you must realize what your actions mean for the rest of us.”

As the rest began to make their feelings known, Sir Gawain tried not to laugh. After a momentary lapse in conversation, he rose from his seat, appearing ready to simply walk out. Instead, he retreated to a sangfroid state, as if completely unbothered by the current events. He was used to being teased about his favorite pastime.

“Well?” his mother pressed, “Do you understand why we’re all concerned?”

Sir Gawain took a deep breath, “Yes, Mother, I do. You all want me to stop drinking poppy ale and lancing ducks. I shall. No longer will I set my sights on ducks. Now, I shall only lance… beavers!”

A groan arose from the group. It seemed there was no getting through to Sir Gawain. The next headlines would read: ‘Sir Gawain, A Drunken Fool, Lances a Beaver in Gilead Park.’

Today’s word prompts come from:
FOWC with Fandango — Instead
Your Daily Word Prompt— Lapse
Ragtag Daily Prompt— Sangfroid

Word of the Day Challenge Tenderness
Pensitivity’s Three Things Challenge #478
Change, Dashed, Teasing

Mindlovemiserymenagerie— Tired and run down

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