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The Covid-19 pandemic has infiltrated all our lives in many different ways. Yet there are those who would profit off other’s misfortune and tragedy. While many of these sharks circle ’round, one of the mightier, yet ‘behind-the-scenes’ characters is responsible for a majority of ventilator shortages, thus contributing to countless deaths. A medical supply company known as Covidien (the name similarity is a odd coincidence…) is responsible for acquiring another, smaller company. The smaller company had been tasked by the US government to design cheaper, portable ventilators. The company produced three prototypes and were close to presenting a final pitch when they were bought out by Covidien.

The bigger company promptly quashed the new ventilator and exited the contract, citing that it wasn’t profitable enough. This was in 2012. Had the smaller company been allowed to move forward with their new inventions, we would have been well equipped to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic – at least when it came to ventilators. For the tp and hand sanitizer shortages, we have only each other to blame, I’m afraid. Unless someone uncovers a shady scheme by another money-hungry company…

Also, I know there doesn’t seem to be a connection with the name, Covidien, but… really? That they’d have such an integral role in how this pandemic has played out and to be known by such a name… it’s… odd, to me.

*The picture is from my recent hospital visit – not for Covid; it was an unrelated issue. The name of the company is what sparked my interest. I found the information about their actions in halting the ventilator progression and felt a need to share. There may be some criminal negligence here…? I’d say there is, anyway. In the medical field, you should have a duty to help your fellow humans. That doesn’t mean helping line each other’s pockets at the expense of people’s lives.

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    1. Definitely one of those things that makes you stop and think for a moment. I thought it was interesting enough to share anyway 😉 Thanks for reading!

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