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Smile! Update

Hopeful news, friends! Those who’ve been following my Smile journey will know how long I’ve been praying for a resolution to my overwhelming dental issues. I’ve asked many of you, friends, and family to nominate me for the HALO program. This program chooses one recipient a year to receive free dental work up to $50, 000. Some of you may recall, I asked the ClearChoice dentist if he would sign up for the program, and have yet to receive a response. However, I remain hopeful the HALO program might have a dentist in their ranks located near enough I can travel to them.

All this to say, I’ve just received a message from the founder of the HALO program. When in the depths of despair during a bout of intense oral pain, I’d sent him a message, begging to be chosen for the program. I sent it off and didn’t really think much would come of it – just another attempt at finding a solution that probably wouldn’t pan out… I mean, it’s still not a sure thing. I wasn’t chosen. But the founder messaging me back is so hopeful, I had to share. Please, everyone, keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Momma needs a miracle!!

2 thoughts on “Smile! Update

  1. Hi Ashlie. Thank you for the update. I did send in nomination for you for the HALO program and it sounds like you weren’t chosen. Hopefully, something will turn up for you. I understand that it’s tough, but hang in there!! You’ve got a lot of friends pulling for you, including me.

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