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I’ll Smile Tomorrow

A Smile journey update!

Picture this:

An icy, snow-laden town. An empty lot, save for a handful of vehicles, and a sign above a storefront reading ‘Aspen Dental‘, nearly indecipherable in the gray blur that is the world. A light comes on inside the building, and a dark-haired woman approaches the doors, unlocking them. A car door opens. A young lady steps out into the frigid, early-morning air and rushes to the office. The woman within is waiting for her with a smile. In moments, the two are headed to a back room, and neither are seen again for hours. When the young lady reemerges, she offers the dark-haired woman a huge grin, showcasing the amazing smile she’s just been awarded. The two women take a moment to celebrate the young lady’s newfound zest for life. With a confident smile on her face, the young lady reenters society, ready to take on the world.

Tomorrow. 7:30am. The dream becomes a reality…!

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