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A Swollen Smile

A Smile journey update

I had all my uppers out yesterday!!! It still feels a bit surreal – that they’re finally all gone. So, no matter what, the most difficult (and most expensive!) part is OVER!! And I now have a wonderful set of dentures! I have to say, I was still a little ashamed that I was a 33-year-old getting dentures, but then I found a wonderful Facebook group and realized, there are a LOT of people my age and even younger who’ve gotten dentures. You’d just never know it!

I’m still pretty swollen in my gums, but they want me to wear the dentures anyway to get my mouth used to them. So far, it’s a little weird, to be honest. There’s a bit of a gag reflex issue every time I swallow, and I obviously still can’t bite or chew or anything like that yet. But it’s coming!! Very soon, I’ll be digging into a feast!! I’ve made a long list of foods to have again as soon as I’m able. If you have any ideas, feel free to let me know! I’m constantly thinking of something else I’ll be able to eat now and getting so exciting every time!

My apologies if this post is a little disjointed… I’m currently on pain medication, but I wanted to get an update out.

I’m still very swollen, so the dentures aren’t fitting properly yet. I’ll post two or three pics a week to show the progression. I’m hoping ‘Normal’ will come sooner, rather than later. We shall see!

2 thoughts on “A Swollen Smile

    1. Thank you, Ruth!! Soon, this chapter of my life will finally be over, and I can concentrate on my writing again! #storytimeneverends 😉


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