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Dialogue Challenge Fun!

Mason Bushell is one of my dearest friends and my very favourite writing partner. He noticed my writing has been heavily lacking in dialogue lately and suggested this challenge to help me ease back into it. We had a ton of fun, and I’m definitely feeling more confident writing dialogue again! If you’re feeling up to it, feel free to copy the challenge and give it a go for yourself!

Scenario one
Ashlie Character – Forgetful – Amaya Henry
Mason Character – Confident – Errol Chatman
Scene – In a laundromat, two co-workers, one confident, one forgetful, find a genie lamp.

“‘Oy, me knickers need a right washin’!”

“Pick a machine, any machine, I’ll turn my back.” 

“You flatter me, lad. I’d rather not remove me knickers in yer company, if’n ye please. I’ll pop around to the lost and found and see if I ken find anythin’ there.”

“Righto, I’ll get my hammer and chisel and chip all the washing powder out of this drawer. Why people need to use a whole three kilo box to wash one shirt and one pair of trousers, is beyond me!”

“My consolations on yer very difficult life. Now, erm – where is the lost and found again?”

“That’s the six-foot pile of odd socks, bras, and walking sticks in the corner.” 

“Aye. I knew that. How ken one ferget his own walkin’ stick?”

“Well, the fella who had the silver dog topped one staggered in with his bung knee. He got talking to a pretty young lady and left on her arm. Wouldn’t mind but he left his entire wash in the bloody tumble dryer! Ahh, finally, I see the bottom of the drawer now.” 

“A hearty congratulations on yer accomplishment there. This striped top is nice…”

“Thanks, time for a cup of t— HEY YOU!! THATS A WASHING MACHINE NOT A MERRY-GO-ROUND. GET DOWN AND GET OUT! Ha-hem – Amaya, if you take the top please put some trousers on with it.” 

“Oh, right. Um… let’s see. There’s only old, stained sweats three sizes too big for me. Errol, do a lady a favor, dear? Will you help me sort through this pile to find something – anything – to wear? Who knows? We might find some interesting stuff in here…” 

“And stay out you, pillock! — Good idea, Amaya. I’ll be glad to help. Let me grab some bin bags and we’ll have a sort out. It’s about time we binned some of that stuff anyway.”

“Thanks, Love! I’ll start by taking out all these giant sweatpants.”

“Good idea, we don’t get many sasquatch in lately. Let see, clown shirt, Armani tie – someone was rich! And shredded jeans; why kids like jeans that look like they lost the war is beyond me. Ahh, look, these leggings have a nice rose pattern. Will they do you?”

“I happen to like the ripped and faded look. It gives one an air of personality and adventure. That tie would look nice on you, though, Errol. You should claim it. The leggings are right pretty, too. I bet my niece would love them! Hey… what’s that? Under that abominable ski jacket?”

“Hmm … Get me an Italian suit to go with the tie… Yeah, I’ll be like that Leo Dicaprio guy. Ooh, what do you know, it’s an old oil lamp! What lout decided to wash that? You ruin brass if you clean it, you know.”

“I don’t know. But, I guess I do now. It looks like there’s something etched on it, though. Right there, around the bottom.”

“Erm … damn! I need my glasses now! … That’s better —  ‘Rub me briskly, and I’ll make your dreams come true.’ Bloody hell! That’s a bit frisky, innit?”

“I should say so. Well, shall we?” 

“Why not! What’s the worst that could happen?” 

“Have you never heard of the phrase ‘Famous last words?’ Just wait. I’ve forgotten to change my nasty knickers.”

“If there’s a genie in this thing, knickers will be the least of your worries. That blue punk in that aladdy-whatsit was crazy!”

“How dare you call the late, great Robin Williams a punk! Anyway, I’m sure it’s just some silly old prop. And my knickers are sticking to my legs. It’s a very uncomfortable feeling, Errol.”

“You know what they say ‘Buy three dollars worth of bad knickers and spend the day with two dollars worth stuck up your backside!’ haha, Robin was a great actor. That blue guy was suspect though. Right … here goes. How long should we rub for, do you reckon?” 

“Absolutely nobody says that, Errol. Like, ever. I guess just go ahead and give it a few rubs. Nothing’s going to happen, though.”  

*explodes in a puff of smoke

“Bleedin’ Nora! It blew me off my feet. Look at the place, now. It’s full of pink smoke!”

“Looks like you got played. It’s nothing but some silly parlor trick, meant to awe and amaze you with sparkles and smoke. This is ridic -”

“What! Oh, no! What did you do?”

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