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Into the Sea

Re-shared for Fandango’s Friday Flashback. This week’s picture prompt is from Polish artist Zdzislaw Beksinski.

#MidWeekFlash – 152

When Father’s car

washed up along the beach,

we knew he was truly gone.

He’d not traveled far,

just barely out of reach,

but he’d been gone for so long.

Twenty years have passed,

Since Father walked out

To get some gas

and a bottle of stout.

But he never came back.

How Mother cried!

And now to find out

He hadn’t left

But tragically died…

The terrible things we’d thought,

And the curses we’d uttered

At his expense,

Were all for naught.

In the end,

He hadn’t left us,

Hadn’t lied and lost in love.

What had happened

Was mystery enough.

From a troubled past,

Father had risen.

And, like a shattering glass,

He’d escaped that prison.

But his life before

Wasn’t through with him.

A hunted prey

Will eventually lapse,

And that’s what happened

When he’d gone to get gas.

He’d become a target,

A liability,

To his family of cons.

So, when he went to market,

The hunt was on.

A brake line slashed

Did the deed.

And Father had crashed

Into the sea.

10 thoughts on “Into the Sea

        1. I’m terrible at taking a compliment; it’s hard to see past my insecurities sometimes. But thank you so much for the kind words!!! 😊😊

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