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Mt. Randy’s Red Ring

Mountain ranges are some of the most magical and mysterious places on Earth. The spiritual energy they harbor determines the world’s collective level of enlightenment. They are not, however and contrary to popular belief, natural formations. In fact, most mountains are merely primitive versions of the pyramids. Ancient societies ‘grew’ these mountains, much in the same way we, today, might grow crystals from a package at the store. These primitive devices were much less efficient than the later-constructed pyramids, hence why there are so many. The ‘trial and error’ phase of humanity’s attempts to reach the higher planes of existence resulted in sporadic fluctuations in the Earth’s electromagnetic fields. Thus, the ‘machines’ were shut down, forever to remain as nothing more than impassable and imposing landscapes.

That is, until one fateful night. Nicole Winsletter, Nikki, to her friends, was no stranger to the giant rock formation which made up the far end of what amounted to her backyard. They were known as the ‘Randy Mountains’. To Nikki, they just looked like a bunch of tall, jagged rocks. She certainly didn’t see anything special about them when her father, a geophysicist, moved them to this near-ghost-town three weeks ago. Nikki and her father, who was a freelance contractor working for the United States government, had spent the majority of the past ten years moving from desert to desert. Just once Nikki wished for the palm trees and ocean shores which always seemed just out of reach.

At 17 years old, Nikki’s rebellious side was bubbling over. She may have resented her lonely lifestyle, were it not for the saving grace friendship she’d cultivated with the girl next door, Rebecca Short. The two young women’s connection grew quickly, and before long, they were wholly inseparable. There wasn’t much to do in their small town, but the two strong-minded, adventurous girls found ways to make their own entertainment. One of their favorite past-times was star-charting; they’d lay out on the dunes on cool, clear nights with a telescope and a stack of old, worn-out nautical star charts given to Rebecca by her grandfather, who’d been a sailor.

On the night of November 4th, 1992, Nikki and Rebecca took to the dunes, as they had so many times before. The night sky was inky-black and crystal clear, completely devoid of clouds. The stars seemed alive as they twinkled and shone against the blanket of velvety darkness. Nikki worked on setting up their small, silver telescope on the wooden base they’d crafted to stop the device from sinking into the constantly shifting sands. Unzipping her tattered leather bag, Rebecca pulled out the well-used stack of star-charts, smoothing them as best she could with one hand and placing a heavy rock to secure them in place with the other.

“Ok, I’ve got Andromeda in focus,” Nikki paused, fiddling with a small knob for a moment, “Ok, now I’ve got it in focus.”

“Nice! Lemme have a look.” Backing away from the tripod, Nikki bent over to study the charts as Rebecca hopped up, brushing the sand from her jeans. “Oh, wow! It’s so bright tonight!”

“Yea, this was a great night to come out.”

“This is probably the best visibility we’ve had all year.” Rebecca turned the telescope and twisted a few knobs. “I can see clear to the Randy Mountains, Nikki!”

Her excitement was contagious. Though they’d been in the background since she’d moved to the area, Nikki’d never given the stunted mountain range much thought. Yet, even she couldn’t deny they held a certain beauty about them tonight, even with the naked eye. The constellations seemed to form a crown-like shape around the peaks, giving the Randy Mountains an ethereal aura.

“Let me have a look through there, Becks.”

“Sure, here ya go. It’s gorgeous!”

As the girls traded places, Nikki put her eye to the lens and they let out a collective gasp as a bright, red light filled their vision. From their vantage point, approximately a half-mile away from the range, Rebecca was witness to the full extent of the phenomenon, watching in awe as a crimson-red, perfectly-shaped circle rose around one of the nearest peaks. Nikki, having been peering through the telescope, noticed the banded beam seemed to be a solid object, spinning around and around so fast, it became nothing but a blur. The blur began at the base of the structure and rose, slowly at first. At about the halfway point it stopped, seeming to hover in mid-air, before rising once more at an unbelievably fast rate. As it reached the pinnacle, there came another brilliant flash of light, and, in an instant, the bright red ring shot into the star-studded sky before disappearing from sight, altogether.

Stunned, Nikki and Rebecca stared, open-mouthed first at the now innocent-looking Randy Mountains, then at each other. Nikki was the first to shatter the silence, “Are we on drugs?” She managed a weak chuckle, “Did that really just happen?”

Rebecca opened and closed her mouth a few times, but no words seemed to come. Finally, she stated, “We’re either on some kind of drugs or… I don’t know, Nikki. What the hell was that?”

Nikki shook her head, “Well, I don’t know what is was. But, I can tell you what it wasn’t. It wasn’t just light. There was something in it.”

“What do you mean? You saw something through the telescope? What was it?”

“I don’t know what it was, but whatever it is… it’s in space now. And it didn’t exactly look like an accident.”

“Yeah. Yeah, you’re right. Someone definitely meant for that to happen.”

“Or… something.” The girls gulped. Now, with an unsettling feeling about them, they packed their gear and headed home, hoping to one day, solve the mystery of Mt. Randy’s Red Ring.

Inspired by Mindlovemisery’s Photo Challenge #367
Photo Credit – Kristoff Schmidt @KrisLivid on Ig

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