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Your Spark

My thoughts are as scattered as the dust in the wind
And my goals and aspirations from beginning to end
Have set the bar so high, I’m not sure if I can win.
But I maintain, it’s not your brain or your capabilities
Which set your train of thought in search of remedies
To heal from the pain of the past and the mental maladies
Incorporated daily into your activities
It’s not your emotional education or even lack therof
Which begs for you to differ from those withholding love
It is your heart, spirit, and soul which delivers us that fire
Should that soul grow old and weary, and of this world retire
The impression left in the wake of your dust
Will float along the breeze in the form of our thoughts.
I want you to know, I’ll take your fire everywhere I go
And that Spark will inspire my confidence and goals
And let me linger longer in that in-between place
Where happiness is only
The smile upon your face.
Sending love.

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