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Curative Chords

Despite the dispute within my mind, I retain the freedom to decide, when and where and why my recollections hide.

While my soul is in despair, lingering demons dwelling there, twisted and tied between the lies, I find a place to bide my time.

The only comfort I recall, that stands out above it all, are the songs I used to hear, that meant happiness was near.

So when I’m faced with the fray, this is where I choose to stay. Locked within those lyrical walls, where it matters not if I stumble and fall.

Such a curious remedy, this harmonious symphony, that borders on divine, delivering a melody I want to make mine.

Because when the vibe begins to flow – when you sense that inner glow,
the warmth of the moment is a salve to your wound, and you feel as though you could lift the moon.

Inspired by:

Fandango’s One Word Challenge #FOWC – Dispute
Ragtag Community #RDP – Freedom
Word of the Day Challenge #WOTD – Tasteful
Three Things Challenge #TTC – Make, Mine, Melody

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