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Celeste has led a tumultuous and lonely life. In an attempt to escape a past bereft of family and friends, she’s carved out a life for herself in the isolated hamlet of Amphitritis, deep in the southern Arctic. A deep-rooted passion for the sea and stars leads her to the remote Atlantide Beach. Seeking a new location, she heads in the opposite direction of her usual route and finds the perfect spot on a flat rock, just off the shore. Her stargazing excursion, however, would prove to be much more than a simple observance of the night sky.

As otherworldly events unfold, Celeste is pulled into the depths of the sea – and into a world which is entirely different from the one she left above. A lingering sense of familiarity tugs at her – incessantly reminding her there’s more to this tale than what appears on the surface. Dive beneath the waves with Celeste as she faces the ultimate betrayal to uncover the secrets of her past, rekindles a long lost flame, and paves the way toward a new future… not only for herself – but for Encantados across all the 5 seas!

Dive into the Amphitrite Sea!

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