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Author of Obscurity

I’m tired of coming in second place.

Overlooked and easily replaced.

Sometimes, I think this is just my fate.

An existence I hate

Is a life full of pipe-dreams.

I’m doomed to obscurity it seems.

I may be bitter but 

I don’t mean to be inconsiderate 

Or insinuate

That I’m ungrateful

In any way.

I’m not ashamed

For wanting more.

A claim to fame

And opened doors,

One day will lead

People to read

And leave me with

A legacy.

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August prompt #19 #FDDA – ‘Hate

Written for the Your Daily Word Prompt #YDWordPrompt – ‘Insinuate

Written for the RagTag Daily Prompt #RDP – ‘Legacy

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