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Mother Nature’s Secret Meadow

A solitary grotto

bathed by the sun.

A secret meadow

Seen by none

But the woodland creatures

Who frolic and run.

Through rain or snow,

There’s work to be done.

Within the boundaries

Of the woodland’s various trees,

The grotto sits,

a natural relief.

Its design – flawless,

with a carpet of clover-leaf,

and a canopy

of magnolia trees,


The pinkish petals drop

and flutter to the ground.

And from the treetops,

Come lyrical sounds.

Birdsongs fill the air –

Sweet, melodic breezes.

It reaches down and teases

the fur of a hare.

But Hopper’s too busy munching

On sweet clover to care.

This is where

Mother Nature

Cultivates her craft.

And upon these endless acres,

You’ll find Creation’s first draft.

Her elemental aura

Is a reflection

Of all the fauna and flora.

A chronic resurrection

Of her beauty and her might

And her eternal light.

Written for the Fandango One Word Challenge #FOWC – ‘Design

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