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Charles Ashton Thomas III Gets Revenge

This story is my entry to the #SwiftFicFriday prompt: ‘A character who bites off more than they can chew.’


Charles Ashton Thomas III strutted down the street, his perceptive green gaze flitting from tree to bush to car. His caramel-coloured coat gave him a mysterious aura, and he stopped every so often to ensure it was well in place. His preoccupation with his appearance was distraction enough for Harold Bombay, the neighborhood bully, to pop out from the nearby alley. Before Charles Ashton Thomas III could react, Harold Bombay had him pinned to the ground, pressing on his throat. 

The two tussled, rolling back and forth across the road and into Mrs. Cuthbert’s flower garden. “Oh, you naughty boys! Go on, now! Shoo!” The old woman swatted them away and turned back to her tulips. 

Their brawling disturbed, the two eyed each other warily. Harold Bombay reared up, ready to strike again. But, this time, Charles Ashton Thomas III was too fast for him. He rose to his full height, puffed out his chest, and let out a menacing growl as he laid into Harold Bombay, scratching his face and eyes. Harold Bombay howled in pain, turning on his heels and running off, back into the alley.

Charles Ashton Thomas III licked the blood from his paws and purred happily.

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6 thoughts on “Charles Ashton Thomas III Gets Revenge

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  3. What an amazing tale. I feel Taz was the inspiration here. I started off feeling this was two men having a sparring session. Then I realize its cats, what a great idea, and nicely done too!

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