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An Ode to Sound

The flicking

and rustling of leaves,

blowing along a gritty road

in a whistling wind.

Toenails tapping

as a dog walks slowly

around the bend.

Birds twitter,

and the bees are buzzing madly

by the rose garden

as water rushes

through its fountain.

A light scratching,

Mr. Squirrel climbs his tree

where chicks are hatching

and chirping hungrily.

A drip-drop-drip

from the end of a hose,

hung in a circle

on the owners’ home

leaves a puddle reflecting

the crows

as they fly overhead,

cawing in droves.

A high-pitched squeak,

a thud,

a meow.

Seems puss is eating

a mouse he’s found.

Nature’s symphony,

an audible delight,

eludes those facing

a silent plight.

Every struggle is unique,

each a little queer.

But if anyone’s like me,

deaf in one ear,

they’ll appreciate

all the sounds I can now hear!

I’ve been hard-of-hearing my entire life. I’ve had tubes too many times to remember, constant ear infections, and – finally – a mastoidectomy performed on my right ear at age 13 or 14. It didn’t help. Nothing helped, and my hearing kept deteriorating. Now, I’m thirty-something-ish 😉, and my husband saw a generic hearing aid in the pharmacy. Naturally, he thought of me, bought it, and brought it home. When I tried it out, I was so amazed at the difference in what I could hear! I hadn’t realized how bad my hearing was really getting, despite my husband repeatedly telling me it was. It was a near-emotional experience. So much so, I decided to record the moment in poem-form. I hope you enjoyed this little piece, and thanks for reading my words!

If you are able and it is safe for you to do so, I challenge you to go outside, or even just sit in your home. Concentrate on the small sounds – things you hear everyday, but never really listen to. What do they sound like? Describe them in the comments below, and see if anyone can guess what it is!

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