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Humanity’s Last Lesson- Rebelieve

…Continued from ‘Saving the Planet

“I can’t believe you actually blew up the damn planet!” Serenity’s shocked shout was aimed at her sister. 

Sephora rolled her fiery eyes, “Oh, will you calm down? I did not blow it up! Think of it as… cauterizing a wound.”

“A wound?! You literally just obliterated ninety-eight percent of life on Earth!”

“Serenity! They were killing it all! Saving two percent is better than letting them rot the entire thing. This solar system is our home, too. We have an obligation to keep it healthy. I take that duty seriously… don’t you?”

In a way, Sephora made sense. Earth was just one of many planets in this part of the galaxy, and it had been deteriorating faster and faster. Perhaps it was necessary to take drastic measures. At least it reduced the possibility of any diseases spreading beyond the planet’s atmosphere.

Still saddened by the blatant genocide, Serenity sighed, “I take my role as this galaxy’s guardian very seriously. You know I do. But, humans are just as much a part of that as anything.”

“Then you should be happy! We’ve just done them all a massive favor!”

“By killing them?!”

“By allowing some of them the chance to try again. See…?” Sephora shined her amber rays toward a spot of green just below. “The inhabitants of that island are a race of humans who still revere nature. It is they who will reign in a new age for their planet.”

Serenity’s despair lifted; there was hope on the horizon. As Sephora’s flames warmed the other side of the barren planet, Serenity sent her silvery-white beams to ease the hearts and minds of those in the isolated oasis. The hundred or so tiny humans looked up to the blanket of ebony above and praised the Sun and Moon for their power and presence. 

Serenity smiled down at them. I will protect you, she promised.


The palm fronds were brittle and dry under the heat of the blazing sun. For over a week now, the sky had been filled with strange black clouds which eventually rained down a sooty ash. The people in the hidden hamlet had no idea what had happened to the rest of their world.  They only knew the sun had suddenly grown more intense; the humidity was almost intolerable. Their only respite came in the gentle, reassuring light of the moon.

As the waves lapped against a sooty shoreline, the small tribe of thirty-or-so people knelt to their knees. Lifting their faces to the moon’s comforting glow, they prayed together. With every ounce of faith and desire harbored within them, the people sent their hopes up to Serenity. She saw their humble nature and was pleased. As they slept, she crept ever so slightly closer to the Earth, keeping a watchful eye on her flock, and bringing with her a subtle tide to wash away the muck.

As Sephora began to peek over the eastern horizon, she spied the pristine beach with a wry expression, “Really, Sister? Must you coddle them so? They will never learn if you don’t let them try on their own.”

“I only cleared away your mess. They did nothing to deserve having their home wrecked, you know. You could deign to show a little pity.” Serenity’s naturally peaceful nature began to shift. It was time she brought the tidewaters to the rest of the world – a task which she wholly abhorred the mere thought of.

“Oh, I pity them,” came a disgusted retort, “They are certainly the most pitiful creatures I’ve seen.” Sephora cast her rays more intensely on the little island, causing waves of heat to rise from the sand.

“I can’t believe you can be so—”

“No, the fact of the matter is,” Sephora cut her off with a testy insertion, “you simply don’t see it. All you see is them losing their inhibitions, or making love, or even just sleeping soundly. Do you know what I see, Sister?”

“Um, well…”

Sephora didn’t wait for her sister to answer and cut her off, yet again, “I see the way they steal from each other, the way they lock their young in cages. I see the actions they take – deliberate, hateful actions – everyday. I see them killing each other over the color of their skin, where they happened to be born, or even for who they share their love with. They’ve had enough time to evolve. I say: total species failure.”

Serenity glanced down to the small green isle, so fragile and isolated. The people were just beginning to rouse; she watched as their young gazed in awe at the newly-cleaned beach. A child slowly approached the gently lapping waves, knelt in the surf, and prayed with all his heart. Serenity felt his energy, and smiled. She turned back to her sister before disappearing over the horizon, “You’re wrong, Sephora. As long as they have faith, there is still hope.”

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