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By the Seaside

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Pensitivity’s Three Things Challenge #453 – Beckoning – Love – Padded
FOWC with Fandango — Virtuous
Your Daily Word Prompt— Reconcile
Ragtag Daily Prompt— Compact
Word of the Day Challenge— Sublime

By the Seaside

My virtuous sailor is lost to the sea
Still his love is beckoning me
Sublime as the stars in a sapphire sky
Or a cosmic wave, roaring by.

My heart is padded against the sorrow
Aching only for tomorrow
It can’t reconcile with the past
When the memories are borrowed.

I can’t remember.
And I can’t look back.
The parallels are too compact
To see the truth of who we were
Beyond the veil is only a blur
And the odds are forever stacked.

This poem was inspired by some recurring ‘memories’ I’ve had, which I know cannot be my own, though they feel oddly personal. The words above are meant to reflect those ‘memories’ and the intense emotions associated with them. This is the slightly fragmented ‘memory’ – A woman, walks alone on a deserted beach. She is in the depths of despair, staring unseeingly at a stormy ocean. I feel she may have lost her lover at sea. I can feel her heart-break, and always have such a strong ‘memory’ of the sharp, salty smell of the ocean air and seashells… there’s always seashells and wet sand. It’s quite a unique and pungent scent, really. But, I can’t recall ever having smelled it in my life.

I know it might sound a little kooky, but I’m an open-minded person. I believe in the unbelievable, because I know that I know nothing. It’s actually quite comforting; in my ignorance, I’m able to simply sit back and let myself travel whichever path I please. This has been an interesting one…

Have you ever felt like you may have lived a past life? Do you believe in reincarnation?

7 thoughts on “By the Seaside

  1. Our mind is amazing for incorporating scenes we’ve observed, memories, tales we’ve read, pure imaginations — and spinning it all together. I get some of the most intriguing dreams at times, with bits of this and that woven in, playing out just like a movie.
    As to hypnosis, I’d be very leery. So many things get pulled out of our mind’s storage banks that it’s pretty hard to know what’s truth and what isn’t. I’ve read of people, under hypnosis, who came up with nightmarish scenes of abuse that they started to believe really happened. In time — after accusations were made and family relationships were shattered — the dreamer realized those scenes that came forth under hypnosis weren’t real at all.
    I don’t believe in reincarnation, but even if a person did live another life, the past can only be a distraction. It’s this life we’re living today that we need to focus on.

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    1. Hi, Christine; great thoughts! I am so intrigued by the unknown. I’m sure there are plenty of cases in which a person was hypnotized, bringing up ‘false memories’. I think of it more like UFO sightings. 98-99% are most likely either knowingly falsified or simply mis-identification of jets, planes, weather balloons, drones, etc. Still, there remain a fair few sightings that are left unsolved. This is how I view the reality of reincarnation – most accounts are probably not what they seem on the surface. Then, there are some with no explanation other than a soul/spirit being reborn into another life. Yea, it sounds like science fiction… but, what if it’s just science?

      I fully believe in reincarnation and the afterlife. I’ve had too many experiences to ignore the very real possibility of there being so much more than this form of existence. Even with these beliefs, I still feel firmly rooted in my current life. My focus is on Love, regardless which plane I inhabit. 😉

      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!!

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    1. I’ve always wanted to try hypnotism to see what else might be buried deep in my psyche. If reincarnation exists, maybe you have memories you just can’t remember? 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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