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First Love

The infinitely curious Fandango has prompted us to write about our first love. I have been happily married for over a decade now, so these memories are practically from another lifetime.

My first love was the brother of one of my best friends. She and I were very close, and, when she moved to the next town, I’d often come stay weekends with her. She lived with her dad and her older brother, visiting her mom every so often. We became almost like sisters. At one point, I confessed to her I had a crush on her brother. I’m pretty sure she must have told him this, because he began to flirt with me pretty heavily after that. 

I was probably about thirteen when we first kissed. He was fifteen or sixteen, and I was head over heels. One night a few years later, I snuck out of my house on a dual teenage escapade with my older sister. She went off with her boyfriend, and I met up with my friend’s brother. It was the first time we’d really spent any time truly alone.

He had a friend who was house sitting for a family with a huge house. The friend invited us to come hang out, so we snagged some bottles of Boonesfarm from his dad’s fridge, then made our way there. There was a hot tub in the house, and we definitely took advantage of that. I felt so posh as the steaming water clashed with the cold spirit.

My sister and I had a plan for sneaking out to ensure we wouldn’t get caught. She’d written her boyfriend’s phone number on my hand, and I was supposed to call her at three A.M. We’d meet up near our house and sneak back in together. I was following her lead on this as I’d never snuck out before, and she was a pro. Thing is, the water from the hot tub had washed off the phone number!

Now, I had no way to get in touch with my sister to meet up. I decided to head to my house and hope she showed up. As we drove down my street, I saw a familiar vehicle parked across from my home. It was the same one my sister had left in earlier. There she was, waiting for me and frantic we were going to get caught.

I don’t remember how we snuck back in, but we were never found out that night. Years later, we told our mother about the whole ordeal, and she laughed until she cried.

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August #18 #FDDA – ‘Your First Love

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