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With big brown eyes and pinchable dimples,

They’re very cute, but it’s not that simple.

Those adorable faces will win your good graces-

Their hearts of gold, winning the hearts of old.

With minds full of wonder

They share, ask, and ponder.

Why is the world?

Who made the sky?

How many numbers can you climb?

I answer them, as best I can

I try hard to remember when

I would ask

Who is God’s Daddy? 

What makes us wrinkle?

And, why, oh why,

Do boys get to stand when they tinkle?

My mother would answer, as I do now,

Who are we, to know the How?

We’re part of a thing.

We’re special to know this.

This thing is called Life,

And it is a gift.

So we learn all we can,

And we share all our love,

And we hope and we try,

To lift everyone up.

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