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A Slight Delay

Hi, all! I’m writing this to let any readers who were looking forward to the resolution of my #ChristmasMystery short stories know it may be a bit delayed. Technically, it’s already been delayed. I’d hoped to have it out on Christmas day for you guys, but the festivities proved to be the dominant force of the day. We had a ton of fun, though, that’s for sure!

I began working on the last installment of the mini-series today, but have just received some sad news. One of my best and oldest friends has just tested positive for Covid. I’m trying not to be overly concerned, but it’s the first time the disease has really reached inside my bubble, so it’s a little unsettling. I’m finding it difficult to focus on the writing today, so may have to put it off until tomorrow. I will definitely have it posted by the New Year, though, so be sure to stay tuned!

While you’re undoubtedly waiting on tenterhooks for the last little bit of Christmas drama to unfold between Dr. Reginald Harper and Madison Kinkaid, perhaps you’d like to take a gander at some other pieces I’ve written. Check them out below! Thank you all for continuing to support my writing, and I hope you’ve all had a happy and healthy holiday season!

Haven’t read the Christmas Mystery mini-series yet? Get caught up here! Click the links at the end of each story to quickly get to the next part. If you’re all caught up, check out the list below, and don’t forget to let me know your thoughts in the comments! Thanks for reading!!

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