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Just an Experiment…

Behind the red brick walls of a nondescript building, gathers a covert organization. Through the hallowed halls, under the gilded ceiling, sit the powers of the nation. There, they plot and plan, leaving the doors wide open for their cunning middleman to prove his devotion. It wasn’t without hesitation, that I snuck onto the premises. I just had to be patient, avoiding confrontation, until I spotted my nemesis.

He entered the room like a proud peacock; his hair was slicked back, and he smirked as he walked. I held my breath until my lungs nearly burst. With a gun to my chest, I prepared for the worst. From where I was hidden, I took careful aim. I watched as it hit him – saw the shock and the pain.

Still, he only got,

a warning shot.

It was more than he deserved, leaving him alive. I didn’t know what was worse, the thieving or the lies. Violence is never my first option. But greed is a seed – a vile toxin – growing exponentially. Sometimes, a show of force is just what you need. I snuck away amidst the ruckus. I must say, it took wits. But I was able to avoid suspicion, and not a single clue would tip them off to my position.

Stealing through the cool night air, I suddenly stop and stare. They found me. I know it’s them by the masks they wear. The secret society of shadowy men hovered around me, and then a sack was placed over my head. I tried to shout, but was punched instead. My heart was pounding, but if I fled, I’d most certainly end up dead. Better to go along, I think, and see where these men are taking me.

The hood obscures my vision, and it smells of rust and mold. In here, it’s black as night – an effective blindfold. They push and shove me onto a seat, and all I can dream of, all I can think is if this secret society could really, truly disappear me…

This is a piece I just started working on – an experiment, if you will. I’ve always loved how Edgar Allan Poe tells such thorough and vivid stories through poem. I know it’s rough, but I’d love some feedback. What are some things you like and/or dislike about this piece? I am considering expanding on the story, but the style is incredibly difficult. Any and all critiques are welcome, and thank you for reading my words!

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